It was a beautifully normal Sunday in April 2017. The engines were purring along the road. The dog walkers were walking. The little screamers were screaming. And, two recently combined minds were whizzing, whirling and fizzing with a barrage of the most exciting thoughts and ideas. Something big was brewing and although they didn’t know fully what it was yet, they knew it would change their lives and more importantly the lives of hundreds and thousands of children.

Rewind a few years previous and you will find two passionate individuals continually trying to find the best way to positively impact on your children's futures. From these separate journeys developed a united belief in the importance of the ‘right’ kind of education for children; an education that offers a wealth of experiences and opportunities and breeds a culture of child-led activities and outcomes. 

Fast forward to the present and we are two primary school teachers who are immersing children in a world of art, music, circus and drama through the power of Storytelling.

We are the ‘Enchanted Wanderers’. We are here to give children a chance to immerse themselves in other worlds, experience new activities, solve problems, tell stories and be the leaders of their own learning.