This workshop has been designed to take children on a full day experience. Within this day, the children will go on a journey that has them listening to stories, telling stories, playing with circus equipment and instruments and creating oil pastel inspired artwork. All of these activities will lead the children into writing and telling their own version of the rest of our story, with the activities inspiring their decisions.

What year groups can get involved?

Both KS1 and KS2  can book onto this workshop as it has been created with the purpose of allowing any and all children to get involved. Our activities are accessible to all ages and our own skills allow for support and progression at all levels. Most importantly, these activities will be child led, so having the freedom to explore and work at the right level for the children on that day is key to what we are offering.

Whilst this is important, it is the experience, the purpose and the child-led ethos that we feel will bring children the greatest benefits. Self-belief, confidence and the enjoyment that children have left our workshops with, shows that the immeasurable outcomes are equally as important. 

How long is the workshop?

 We have built an all day workshop that is flexible to suit your school timetable.

Parents are invited to join us before the end of the school day, Here the children have the opportunity to share their artwork, show off their circus skills and even tell their story.

Being qualified Primary School teachers, we (Emmy and Taran) have a wealth of knowledge of the curriculum across both key stages and we know how important it is that what we do links into this. We have created a world that will have children cross English, Science, PE, Art, Music, PSHE and Geography. We both see a huge value in telling stories, having extensive training in 'talk for writing' approaches, leading training for other teachers, amongst a combined nine years of teaching experience.

Suitable for up to 32* children. Whether that's for a class or mixed ages across different key stages.

Go to our bookings page for prices, the flow of the day and how you can book.

*For children to safely explore the equipment.

Here's a castle set we made for a previous project. 

My two children (aged 7 and 11) loved the workshop and came home excited, full of stories and new skills, and very tired.  A great day with two wonderful storytellers.

What we need from you

We like the workshop to run in one place with a school hall being an ideal space.

Our circus skills workshop needs space for the children to safely explore all the toys and equipment. 

We will also need access to a power point within the space.

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