YouTube Invitation

When your work with children involves creating and hearing so many incredible stories, you begin to wish there was a way for them to be shared more widely. The effort the children put into inventing new worlds deserves to be appreciated more than it currently is and as busy teachers, it's almost impossible to do any more than you already do.

So, we have created a free platform for children's stories to be brought to life by international storytellers on our YouTube channel.

As well as being free and simple with minimal bearing on an already overwhelming workload for the teachers, the anticipation of having your story read online by storytellers is enough to inspire even the most reluctant of children to engage and excel.

YouTube Channel

  • Enchanted Wanderers YouTube

How it works


After contacting us at to let us know you'd like to get involved...



Share our video with the children in school so that they know their story may be published on YouTube. We’d like them to know that their writing can come alive and may be shared with the world. We would love for everyone to get involved from year 1 all the way to year 6, no matter how long or short the story may be!

Then during every half term, term or story writing unit (you decide), each class teacher chooses 1 lucky author to have their story told by the Enchanted Wanderers online. You send us the story (a photo of the work is all it needs to be although upper KS2 may enjoy typing it up) via email to

We will then record a retelling of their writing and publish it on our YouTube channel (We will never publish the name of any children on our channel, just their story and the story title).


The children can then subscribe to the channel at home (you can do this in school too) and watch to see lots of stories... the exciting part is that it might be theirs next! 

The criteria for success can be entirely set by the school although we always like to celebrate creativity, freedom, imagination and individuality. We love hearing about children that have made incredible progress even if they're not deemed by the government to be 'Expected' and we love it most when you can tell from reading it that the author has really enjoyed writing and creating their story.


We'd love to hear from your school and can't wait to start working with you to help inspire the children to become writers.

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